Opening soon!

Wild about herbs is where I share my passion for herbs and herbal medicine.  Herbal medicine is so much more than plants, it is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and a whole way of life and of seeing the world around us.  One of the greatest challenges we face is our impact on our environment, we cannot be healthy in an unhealthy world.  I am opening a small products section in my herbal clinic, and my first product range is going to be natural Irish hand-made soaps.  Why soaps? They are wonderful, and a great way to cut down on plastic. The beautifully made products support local craftspeople and the local economy.  Plus, they are lovely to use!  One customer commented on the Three Hills Soap - "somehow, in some undefined way, it just feels different to bathe with a product you know was made with so much care, it is a whole different experience".  Welcome to the world of soft soap.  

I am starting off with three brands I love - Three Hills soap, Airmid and Irish palm-free soaps.  Over the next weeks I will be blogging about the stories behind the products, because each range is made by a someone who loves what they do.  We cannot change the world overnight, but we can made small changes to make a real difference, by using hand-made soaps we are cutting down on plastic and supporting the local economy plus enjoying the luxury of a beautiful natural product.