New year, new beginnings

The past two years have been life-changing for all of us. It has been a time to reflect on what is really important, and for me it has been a time to consider what really is close to my heart. Having more time at home and in my own herb garden, being with and connecting to the plants showed me that this is something I truly need to do. I have always loved teaching, and while my workshops unfortunately came to a standstill I did some online teaching and am so proud to now be lecturing for the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in Dublin. 

Now that I am over 60 and an elder, I see my task as being to care for the herbs and to share my passion for this work, hopefully to be privileged and honored to be able to inspire the next generation of herbalists and community herbalists. I made the huge decision to move out of my lovely convenient clinic in Monaghan town, to a beautiful cabin I have built at home. Over the festive season holiday I plan to do the big move, to be ready to be up and going again for mid-January. 

I love working with clients, and I hope that this move will bring a different kind of consultation space, a quieter, more reflective place to share and to introduce my clients to the real, living herbs in my garden. For acute/simple ailments, I am still working in the extra special Bee healthy health shop in Glaslough street, on a Monday and Tuesday. 

My deep wish is that we will be able to have small workshops again, in my new cabin, where we can go out and harvest the herbs and make wonderful herbal remedies, creating a community of home herbalists.  It is vital that this knowledge is kept alive into the future. 

I will be offering some online workshops, through my teaching platform which I set up during the pandemic, but nothing beats being able to experience the herbs in the garden and meet with like-minded people. I will also be running workshops in the Organic center in Leitrim, one of my happy places. 

So lots of changes, moving towards a quieter and deeper way of life. Watch this space for more information!

Wishing everyone peace and joy over this magical time


PS While the clinic will be closed over the holidays, anyone needing repeat bottles of herbs can still contact me, for collection in Bee Healthy