Just arrived - the first batch of our famous Killycoghill cottage garden tea

Our lovingly home-grown garden tea is an instant best-seller, and we are delighted to say the new season tea is now back in stock - but only available through the wild about herbs clinic or exclusively through The Local shop in Monaghan town.  

Why is this tea so special?  The herbs have been grown in our own herb garden, using no pesticides or any nasty chemicals.  They are carefully hand-harvested and only the healthiest leaves are selected.  Once harvested we dry them as whole herbs because chopping or cutting up herbs means a loss of the wonderful aromatic fragrances and therapeutic properties of the herbs.  When they are finished drying we store them and then make small batches of our famous herb tea - so as you can see that this is a real labour of love and that it is nothing like the "herb tea" you find in tea bags in your supermarket.  

What is in our herbal blend?  Lots of lemon balm, lemon verbena and several varieties of mint provide the base flavour of the tea.  We also mix in blackcurrant leaf for a subtle vanilla-like taste, this softens the slightly harsher more tangy taste of the lemon balm and mint. We add sweet cicely and rose for a touch of sweetness which is never overwhelming.  Our other special therapeutic herbs include wild strawberry leaf, angelica, plantain, hawthorn, elderflower, hyssop, mullein flowers, self-heal flowers, wood betony flowers, rose petals and yarrow flowers.  All these herbs are anti-ageing, nutritive, and anti-oxidant.  They help to support general health and vitality, the tea is caffeine-free and best of all, it looks and tastes absolutely delicious.  

To make the tea: enjoy a proper tea ritual for maximum wow factor - warm your tea pot and put a big pinch (about a teaspoon) of the herb mix (per cup of tea) into your pot. Add water which is just off the boil, to preserve the delicate taste of the tea.  Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and enjoy.  We don't recommend adding any milk or sugar to our tea, it is perfect just as it is.  If you want to ring the changes you could try adding a little honey, lemon, rooibos tea or green tea.  

The tea costs €4 for 20grams.