Cistus incanus - Featured herb of the week

Cistus incanus is a herb which has been traditionally used in the Mediterranean region for a long time, but has been relatively unknown amongst herbalists until recently.  This is about to all change, with growing research and interest into the anti-viral; anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of this special plant.  

Cistus has been found to contain 3 x higher amounts of polyphenols than green tea.  Polyphenols are produced by plants as a defence against ultraviolet light and diseases; and they have numerous benefits to us when taken regularly as part of our diet. Polyphenols have anti-ageing; anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  The tea is used as a general tonic for health and wellbeing; and early research appears to indicate it may have far greater benefits too. 

Traditionally the cooled tea was used as a skin wash and for oral and dental health.  It seems that Cistus mouthwash prevents harmful bacteria from clinging to the surfaces of the mouth, helping to prevent infections and plaque.  

More recently Cistus is being investigated for its possibilities in helping with viral infections; particularly against protein enveloped viruses.  Due to its biofilm-busing properties it is also being used as part of a treatment protocol for chronic Lyme disease.  Cistus has antifungal properties and may help with Candida and other fungal infections, if taken regularly.

There are many different ways of making the tea; most authorities recommend bringing the leaves to a gentle boil and leaving to cool, then repeating this process 3 times.  

Cistus is a safe herb, but if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or on any prescribed medication please consult your medical professional before taking any herbs.  

Important disclaimer: the research into the benefits of Cistus are in the early stages; no medical claims are made for the use of this herb; the intention of this blog is purely for informational purposes.  

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